Our Mission Statement

Lift Up Ukraine is a completely volunteer-based organization. In response to the deplorable human tragedy created by Russia’s invasion , Lift Up Ukraine’s mission is to help provide survival supplies and support to Ukraine’s civilian defenders and humanitarian relief and aid workers.

About Lift Up Ukraine

Lift Up Ukraine was created with the idea of being a completely volunteer-based organization. We are here to hear from our friends and family in Ukraine and help in any way possible. As a former citizen and refugees from Lviv, Ukraine, Ostap and Ausrine are a family unit that know what kind of hardships and struggles living in a Russian-invaded state creates for a family dynamic.

In response to the deplorable human tragedy created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ostap Zagorodnyy and Ausrine Zagorodna, and Levin White Co-founded, Lift Up Ukraine as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in order to provide survival supplies, humanitarian aid and communication support for Ukraine’s territorial and civilian defenders who support the millions of displaced Ukrainian women and children.

Lift Up Ukraine was established to support the needs of civilians affected by the conflict in Ukraine. To fulfill our mission, we need everybody’s help to unite and help save Ukrainian lives from an unjust war. Our actions give hope to the Ukrainian population and bolster their spirits in defense against the invading Russians.

Thank You for Your Support.

Donate Funds

There are a couple of options for donating funds. You can send support for those still remaining in Ukraine and/or support for the Refugees.

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