Meet Our Board

Ausrine Zagorodna

Co-founder/CEO/President Born in Lithuania, Ausrine K. Zagorodna is a successful entrepreneur who has owned, operated, and expanded numerous enterprises that rely upon customer service and community buy-in and now serves as a treasurer of VMCC and YAE Wellness. Mrs. Zagorodna is a seasoned business owner and manager recognized in Richmond and beyond for her leadership,

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Ivanna Dalton

Secretary / Treasurer Ivanna (Ivanka) is a native Ukrainian, born in Lviv. She came to the states at the age of 2 with her family as refugees during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992. Ivanka has made a career for herself in the Visual Merchandising artistry, working for many of the brands under

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Sanjay Mittal

Director Mr. Mittal is a global leader with 21 years of healthcare, Real Estate and 30 years of professional and international experience in many countries including USA, MALAYSIA, INDIA and SINGAPORE. Mr. Mittal holds a master’s degree in computer science (1991) and has a certified chronic professional (CCP) from Health Sciences Institute in partnership with

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