We Have Many Ways to Donate. Thank You for Your Support.


You can send a donation directly to those involved in getting supplies to Ukrainian troops and civilians. For Details please click the button below

Project Vinnytsia

Please help us purchase & ship this critical piece of equipment that measures the quality and safety of air, water, soil, and food.


There are a couple of options for donating funds. You can send support for those still remaining in Ukraine and/or support for the Refugees.

Thank you for your generosity and moral support of the people of Ukraine during this time of tragedy, upheaval, uncertainty, and incredible sadness. The Ukrainian people are steadfast in the defense of their country, and in protecting and safeguarding their loved ones.

The scale of worldwide humanitarian efforts to help the Ukrainians is formidable. However, as in many major disasters, there are impediments and bottlenecks in the expedient migration of people from danger, and the provision of shelter, food, clean water, and medical services for those in-country and those being relocated.

Our effort is focused on helping to “fill in the gaps.” We are assisting individuals through our “person to person network,” quickly reacting and connecting to those requesting individual assistance for their family and friends in Ukraine. Today, supporters of Lift Up Ukraine are driving truckloads of supply kits to New Jersey where they are being flown by plane at no cost courtesy of the Ukraine Territorial Defense Forces for distribution.

Your donation of resources and funds is a true act of kindness, which will directly help vulnerable men, women and children in Ukraine. We sincerely thank you!

Questions and/or Volunteers?

Anyone can help us support Ukrainians during this challenging time. You can send a donation directly to those involved with helping troops and civilians in Ukraine. If you are interested and able to volunteer, please email donate@uplift-ukraine.org for additional information on how you can contribute.

More Ways to Give

Purchase a t-shirt today and 100% of proceeds will be contributed to well-vetted organizations or directly to families directly impacted by Russia’s heartless invasion of Ukraine.

'I Stand With Ukraine'

'Lift Up Ukraine'

'Richmond Stands with Ukraine'

'Lift Up Ukraine'

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