Meet Our Board

Sanjay Mittal


Mr. Mittal is a global leader with 21 years of healthcare, Real Estate and 30 years of professional and international experience in many countries including USA, MALAYSIA, INDIA and SINGAPORE. Mr. Mittal holds a master’s degree in computer science (1991) and has a certified chronic professional (CCP) from Health Sciences Institute in partnership with “The Care Continuum Alliance” (2011).

Maksym Zagorodniy

Chairman of the Board

Maksym Zagorodniy is a native Ukranian, born and raised in Lviv. He has a Master’s degree in Engineering and has been a partner owner of an award winning building company, VMAX LLC since 2005. Max is a dedicated father to two beautiful children and has been married to a Ukranian native for over 20 years. His passion and dedication to helping people from all over the world has established him as well-loved and well-respected member of Richmond community and Ukranian diaspora.

Ausrine Zagorodna

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ausrine K. Zagorodna is a successful entrepreneur who has owned, operated, and expanded numerous enterprises that rely upon customer service and community buy-in and now serves as a treasurer of VMCC and YAE Wellness. Mrs. Zagorodna is a seasoned business owner and manager recognized in Richmond and beyond for her leadership, organizational skills, and professionalism, across many different industries that she owns and operates. Ausrine has been an owner and manager of a Richmond-based construction company, OZ Enterprises, LLC for over 15 years.


Secretary / Treasurer

Ivanna (Ivanka) is a native Ukrainian, born in Lviv. She came to the states at the age of 2 with her family as refugees during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992. Ivanka has made a career for herself in the Visual Merchandising artistry, working for many of the brands under the URBN umbrella for the last 13+ years. Her passion lies in connecting with people and creating beauty in the world.

We Have Many Ways to Donate. Thank You for Your Support.


You can send a donation directly to those involved in getting supplies to Ukrainian troops and civilians. For Details please click the button below

Project Vinnytsia

Please help us purchase & ship this critical piece of equipment that measures the quality and safety of air, water, soil, and food.


There are a couple of options for donating funds. You can send support for those still remaining in Ukraine and/or support for the Refugees.

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