Yuliya Habib

Medical Team Leader Dr. Yuliya Habib is an accomplished healthcare service professional and an experienced clinical pharmacist with over 18 years of experience working in the hospital industry. Yuliya is skilled in hospital pharmacy, pharmacy clinical research, teaching, medication errors and pharmacy practice. Yuliya is a Board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist who graduated from the University of […]

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Olivia Hart

Medical Dr. Olivia Hart is a highly experienced and recognized biological dentist in Richmond, VA. She is an entrepreneur and a successful owner of Richmond Family Dentistry/Virginia Biological Dentistry. She is originally from Ukraine where she grew up and graduated from Kyiv-based University of Foreign Languages. Part of her Ukrainian family left Kyiv after the

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Tom Papa

Advisor In collaboration with investment partners, established architects, local builders and city government, Tom Papa has recreated Richmond’s built environment over the last two decades. As a hands-on developer, he targets unique sites, which often require alternative design and zoning processes, adding value to the streetscape and skyline. His eye for selecting overlooked properties, his

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Ashley Picillo

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Asley is the Founder and CEO of Point Seven Group (Point7) a tenured, award-winning management consulting firm. She is the founder of several companies and is well versed in business strategy, marketing and expansion. Ashley is considered to be a thought leader in her industry, serving on Rolling Stone’s Culture

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Olena Pushkar

Volunteer Coordinator Olena was born and lived in Poltava region, Ukraine. After she married, she moved to the USA 19 years ago. Her American husband is very supportive of Ukraine. Olena and her husband live in Northern Virginia. She works for Prince William county government since 2006. Olena graduated Poltava Pedagogical University with BS in

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Levin White

Co-Founder Levin White has more than 32 years in law enforcement. His experience is well versed and supported by state and federal awards commending his efforts, sacrifice and commitment to public service investigating homicides, violent crimes, sex trafficking, contract fraud, kickbacks and public corruption. His commitment to helping others is a community standard. He has

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Ausrine Zagorodna

Co-founder/CEO/President Born in Lithuania, Ausrine K. Zagorodna is a successful entrepreneur who has owned, operated, and expanded numerous enterprises that rely upon customer service and community buy-in and now serves as a treasurer of VMCC and YAE Wellness. Mrs. Zagorodna is a seasoned business owner and manager recognized in Richmond and beyond for her leadership,

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